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How To Get Your Garden Fountain Water Feature Ready For Summer

by Emmi Kokko

Now that the spring has arrived, it's time to freshen-up your garden water feature to get ready for the summer.  Here are some tips on how to tidy-up a simple fountain water feature.

Removal of debris

Your first job is to remove any debris from the fountain area.  It is amazing how quickly leaves, twigs, and other miscellaneous windblown detritus can clog up the fountain reservoir.  This can encourage the growth of unsightly green algae and restrict water flow to the fountain pump.

Drain the reservoir and clean it

If your fountain has a reservoir or water vessel, you will need to clean it. Turn the pump off first, and then empty all the water out of the reservoir.  You can do this by simply scooping the water out using a plastic beaker. Give the reservoir a good scrub with clean water and a small amount of washing-up liquid to get rid of any tide marks and clinging algae, and then rinse it out thoroughly using a garden hose.

Clean the water pump

It's a good idea to give the pump a clean every year during your spring maintenance routine.  This will get rid of any slime or algae that could be clogging up the rotor inside the pump and will keep it running smoothly.

Take the cover off the outlet end of the pump and pull out the rotor.  Use clean, warm water and washing-up liquid to thoroughly clean out the pump housing and rotor.  A good way of cleaning the rotor blades is to scrub them with an old toothbrush, so that you reach all the corners.

Reinstall the rotor (just push it back into its slot until it clicks into place).  Back-flush the pump to get rid of the soapy water and bits of debris by inserting a hosepipe into the outlet and playing clean water through the pump.  Don't forget to replace the outlet cover when you've finished.  Turn the pump back on and you're done.

Refill the reservoir

In order for the pump to run properly, you must always keep it covered by the water.  This is important as the water cools and lubricates the pump while it is in operation.  Water will evaporate during spells of very warm and sunny weather, so remember to keep the level topped up each day during the summer months.

In conclusion

You can tidy-up your garden fountain water feature ready for summer by following the above guide.  Not only will this simple task keep your fountain looking good, it will also help the pump to last much longer.