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5 Reasons to Opt for a Leather Headboard

by Emmi Kokko

Headboards were once considered a mere accessory, but they're now increasing thought of as a crucial part of any bed. As such, there's a spectacular range from which to choose. Most will be made using upholstered leather, upholstered fabric, wood or metal.

Here are just 5 reasons why you should opt for leather:

1. Indulgent Comfort

The most obvious reason to invest in a leather headboard is enjoying a premium sense of comfort. From the seats of top-of-the-line sedans and first-class airliner compartments to the materials used for sofas and armchairs, leather is considered the gold standard of luxury, and that's largely due to its comfort. The surface is soft against the skin, and it stays cool against the body. Your upper body will sink into it and enjoy perfect support.

2. Wall Protection

Unlike most of those made from wood and all of those made from metal, leather headboards completely cover the wall behind, so there's no chance of an item slipping through to cause damage. They also absorb impact very well, so you can expect your wall to remain pristine and free from any stains or scuff marks.

3. Easy to Clean  

Headboards upholstered in fabric also protect the wall, but they aren't very easy to clean. Dust will penetrate, so you'll often see plumes puffing out from old ones when you strike them; perhaps most importantly, they are relatively easy to stain, and those stains might not come out. Wood stains can also be difficult to remove, and metal can rust. Leather is much harder to stain, doesn't absorb dust, and can usually be cleaned using nothing more than a damp cloth.

4. Upscale Appearance

Leather isn't just seen as a luxury material because of its comfort – it also boasts a prestigious appearance. You'll find a huge array of options when you look for your leather headboard, but each one is going to lend your bedroom an air of luxury.

5. Exceptional Durability

Finally, leather headboards will last a very long time before showing any signs of age. Wood can chip. Metal can dent. Fabrics can fade and sag. In contrast, leather is very hardwearing, flexible enough to resist cracking and yet thick enough to resist tears. In fact, leather tends to look better as it ages. Sure, the initial cost of a leather headboard might be high, but it's an investment that should last for years.

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