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Two misconceptions about electric recliners

by Emmi Kokko

Here are two misconceptions about electric recliners.

They're only for those who are elderly or lack mobility

Many people think that this furniture is made solely for the elderly and those who lack mobility. Although these groups of people do use these chairs, they are not the only ones who can enjoy using them. For example, if a person likes to have TV or film marathons, where they spend entire days watching one show or film after another, then they would probably benefit from getting an electric recliner chair.

When a person sits down for hours on end, they may find that after a while, the sofa or chair they're sitting on starts to feel uncomfortable and that no matter what position they try to put their body in, they still feel achy. However, the beauty of an electric recliner chair is that the person doesn't have to try to adjust their body to fit the immovable chair better; instead, they can reposition the back or the seat of the chair so that it provides their achy limbs with a more supportive, comfortable position to sit in.

Furthermore, this type of marathon-film watcher would find a recliner chair that's electric particularly useful, as they wouldn't have to pause whichever show or film they were watching to lean over, pull a lever and check that it's in the right spot. Instead, they could keep the chair's remote on hand and operate it without having to glance away from their television for more than a few seconds.

They use too much electricity

The other misconception is that electric recliners use a lot of electricity. The truth is that this furniture will only add a noticeable amount to your energy bill if you use it in a way that it isn't supposed to be used. For example, if you have children and they treat this chair as a toy, by moving its components back and forth for hours on end, then you'll probably end up with a slightly bigger energy bill than usual. However, if you use this chair in a normal manner, by changing its position a few times a day, you should not find that it has any major impact on your bills.

You may even discover that using this chair allows you to save money. For example, if you no longer have to sit in an uncomfortable seat for long periods when you're reading or watching films, you might find that you don't have to go for expensive massages to loosen your stiff and aching limbs quite as often.

Check out a local electric recliner distributor to learn more.