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Trends To Consider for A Stunning Walk-In Wardrobe

by Emmi Kokko

Having a wardrobe in your master bedroom that does not meet your needs can be incredibly frustrating. Usually, you will find that your bedroom is constantly plagued with clutter since you do not have sufficient space to put your things. Moreover, you find that your bedroom starts to appear smaller, as your garments, shoes and accessories are taking up useable space. But you do not have to live with this problem. A great way to make your wardrobe more functional is to revamp it into the walk-in variety. You should note that investing in a custom wardrobe is more than simply expanding the space. To make it your own, you need to customise it to match your needs and taste. Check out the following trends to consider for a stunning walk-in wardrobe.

Install a wall of cabinets

One thing that many homeowners can agree on is that you cannot have too much storage space. Thus, one of the trends that you should consider for your new walk-in wardrobe is a wall made entirely of cabinets. The great thing about having a cabinet wall is that you have multiple cubbies to store small to medium-sized items, such as shoes, hats, toiletries, and more. Additionally, since the cabinets can be closed, you do not have to worry about constantly organising these items, as they will be hidden away behind the cabinet door. For some pizzazz, you should consider interchanging cabinets and shelves on this wall, as this gives you room to display items that you find aesthetically pleasing while keeping others closed away.

Install different types of lighting

Gone are the days when homeowners were solely dependent on a singular overhead light in one room, and this should be the same for your new walk-in closet. The problem with having a single overhead light in this space is that it will not fully illuminate your space. As such, your walk-in closet will lose its lustre. A better option to consider is to install different types of lighting to meet various needs. For example, if you choose to have some open shelves built into your walk-in wardrobe, you should invest in recessed lighting in these shelves that will illuminate the items placed there. You may also install recessed lights at the bottom of the walls, which add extra illumination to the space while also providing you with the light you need when putting on shoes.