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4 Reason to Pick Timber Over Glass for Your Dining Room Table Top

by Emmi Kokko

In many ways, your dining table will be the heart of your home. It's where you have coffee with friends and neighbours, eat breakfast and wake up in the morning, and enjoy meals with your family. When you're choosing your dining table, one of the most important decisions you'll need to make is between timber and glass for the table top. There are some advantages that come with glass table tops, but here are just four reasons why you should stick with timber.

1. Less Noise

One thing people often fail to think about when they buy a dining table with a glass top is just how noisy glass can be. Go get an empty glass and then place it against your window – even moving slowly, you'll probably still hear it clink against the surface. In contrast, wood is fairly good at sound insulation. When everyone is passing around dishes, putting down glasses, and moving around with their cutlery, glass table tops can create quite a din. Timber keeps things muted.

2. Superior Durability

The glass used for dining table tops is much stronger than the glass used for your champagne flutes, but it isn't indestructible. Even dropping something relatively small can make a chip if you're unlikely, and there's always a possibility someone will drop something heavy and shatter the whole thing. Timber is much stronger, and any chips or scratches that are made will quickly fade to become part of the furniture's character -you can even sand the table down to get rid of it entirely.  

3. Easier Maintenance

Timber and glass table tops are both easy to clean – you simply take a damp cloth and rub them down to get rid of all those pesky crumbs and marks. Thing is, you'll be doing that a lot more regularly when you have a glass table top. Glass takes smudges and finger marks very easily, and dust shows up readily. If you want to keep the dining table looking its best, you'll have to keep a spray and a cloth on standby.

4. Added Warmth

A dining table should be comfortable to eat at, and timber is perfect because it stays relatively warm to the touch. Not so with glass. Glass is a very poor insulator, so it becomes cold very quickly. When you come down on a cold winter morning, you're going to get a chill when you set your arms on a glass table top.

For more information on timber dining tables, contact your local furniture store.