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Tips for Buying a Recliner Lift Chair When Your Loved One's in a Nursing Home

by Emmi Kokko

If you have a parent, grandparent, or other loved one who resides in a nursing home, you might try to do what you can to accommodate them and help them stay comfortable and happy. One thing you can do is purchase them a recliner lift chair. If you're going to do this for someone who lives in a nursing home, these are a few recommendations you'll want to follow. 

Understand the Perks of a Recliner Lift Chair

First of all, consider the perks of buying a recliner lift chair for your loved one. This can be a good way to make them feel more "at home" while they're in the nursing home. It can give them somewhere else to sit rather than just in their bed. Plus, they might feel a little more independent if they have a recliner lift chair that makes it easier for them to get up and down. It can also help them decrease their chances of falling and getting hurt.

Make Sure It's Allowed

Having a recliner lift chair will probably be a great perk for your loved one, but you will first need to make sure that it's allowed. After all, some nursing homes do allow residents to bring in some of their own furniture, while others do not. If it is allowed, there might be certain restrictions that you'll need to follow.

Choose an Appropriately Sized Recliner Lift Chair

If you are able to purchase a recliner lift chair for your loved one, you'll need to choose one of an appropriate size. For one thing, you should consider the limitations of space that your loved one might be dealing with. Many rooms in nursing homes aren't very big, so you should keep this in mind when you're picking out a chair. If your loved one is a larger person, however, you will need to be sure that the chair is large enough for them to comfortably sit in.

Make Sure it Looks Nice

Just because your loved one lives in a nursing home does not mean that they shouldn't have nice-looking furniture and other things. Many recliner lift chairs look very nice and would fit in well in just about any nice living room, so there are plenty of attractive options out there. Not only will your loved one probably appreciate the perks of having a recliner lift chair, but they'll probably like how it decorates their room in the nursing home if you choose one with a nice colour or pattern.

For more information, contact a furniture store that supplies recliner lift chairs.